Delivered Actions

**Shipping and Delivery Policy**

- We currently ship to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

- Your order will be delivered within a period ranging from (2 - 5) business days within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, depending on the city. For example, orders received on Thursday evenings and Fridays each week will be shipped on the following Saturday as the first business day.

- Upon receiving your order, the operations team will send you an email containing the purchase order number and shipment number. You can track the shipment's progress through the shipping company's website after receiving the tracking link.

- The shipping cost is determined based on the order value:

  1. If the order value is less than 299 Saudi Riyals, the shipping cost is 30 Saudi Riyals.
  2. If the order value is 300 Saudi Riyals or more, shipping is free within the Kingdom.

In the case of entering an incorrect address (for example, entering the name of the nearest main city and the correct address in one of the villages belonging to that city), this may result in the appearance of incorrect shipping company options. The shipping company may refuse to deliver, and the shipment will be returned. The customer is responsible for the return and re-shipping fees after receiving the returned shipment from the shipping company.

If the customer does not receive the shipment or does not respond to the shipping company after the third attempt or after 48 hours for the redbox pick-up service, the shipment will be returned. The customer bears the return and re-shipping fees, and the order cannot be canceled in this case. In the case of returning the entire or partial order, the free delivery fees will be charged if the final order amount changes from the minimum. The refund will be processed within 7 business days after receiving the returned shipment from the shipping company.

- The shipment cannot be canceled after issuance, and its fees are non-refundable in all cases.
- The return fees for orders are equal to the original shipping fees.
- What is mentioned in the tracking information from the shipping company is the only reference to be relied upon.
- All shipping companies communicate through phone calls and text messages only.
- Ignoring the address confirmation or not responding to the delivery address request from the shipping companies is the customer's responsibility.