XL Large Thick Gaming Mouse Pad Anti-slip Fabric Surface Soft Rubber Floor Mouse Pad for Computers Size 700 x 300

40.24 SAR

• Large size: 700 x 300mm + 2mm thickness adapts to all surfaces

• Premium Material: Our mouse pad is made of silk-treated cloth + natural rubber, the mouse mats will be completely flat and smooth when you are playing games. ⭐You will love it ⭐

• Non-slip rubber base: the rubber base can firmly grip the desktop like a gecko, which can effectively prevent the mouse and keyboard from slipping and moving

• EASY TO WRAP AND CLEAN: Just use the damp cloth to wipe smoothly. Note: Do not rub it with hands, which will damage the mouse pad.

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This item: Large and thick XL gaming mouse pad, anti-slip, with a cloth surface and a soft-touch rubber floor

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