LDNIO SK3662 Fire Resistant Electrical Plug Two years warranty with 4 gifts

60 SAR

LDNIO electrical connection with 4 gifts

Item No. / SK3469

Powerfully / W2500

Make your home safe for you and your family, and protect them from catching fire; To live a life of peace and tranquility

LDNIO connections are made of the finest materials and internal connectors

Heat resistant up to 750°C

designed for your comfort and security; It protects against power outages and interruptions in your device

It works very efficiently while connecting and synchronizing

It protects against ignition in the event of errors during the connection

Overload protection

Shutters to protect children

Electrical outlets

3 USB ports support fast charging

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Rated current:10A (Max)

Rated voltage:

Rated power:

USB output:

Output port:

Product size:

Power cord:

10A (Max)

250 V

2500 W

DC5 V =- 3. 4 A (Auto MAX) 17 W

3×Sokets Combo


162×97×38 MM

300 CM

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